My approach to speaking is best described as education that inspires action.
— Joel Book | Speaker & Educator

When selecting a professional speaker, you're looking for someone with deep experience, unparalleled professionalism, and an on-stage presence that will engage and delight your audience. Joel brings all of these qualities together and (best of all) he loves what he does.

His 40-year career in direct marketing and database marketing—including 14 years in digital marketing at SaaS icons ExactTarget and Salesforce — have enabled him to build an expansive suite of rich customer success stories that are a central component of every keynote.

After all, the best speakers educate from personal experience—not theory. Pulling from his experience helping hundreds of brands develop and deploy data-driven strategies to acquire and retain customers, Joel provides audiences a game plan for using data, content and digital technology to transform their marketing and customer service strategies and deliver a customer experience that provides genuine competitive advantage.

Many of the digital marketing success stories Joel weaves into his keynotes come from his years at ExactTarget which grew to become the world’s #1 provider of email marketing technology for brands and agencies until its $2.7B acquisition by Salesforce in 2013. There, he brought his unique teaching style to the stage countless times as speaking at industry conferences and corporate executive briefings worldwide.

What Makes Joel a Popular and Powerful Speaker?



Joel brings more than 14 years of experience in digital marketing to his keynotes—including 10 years with ExactTarget and 4 years at Salesforce.



When Joel speaks, he’s not preaching, he’s teaching! His keynotes and executive briefings are not one-size-fits-all. Each is customized so it’s relevant and useful.



Joel is one of the most popular speakers in digital marketing because he combines his own brand of "wit and wisdom" with real-world examples audiences crave.


Versatile. Professional. Inspiring.

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industry expertise

  • Retail (online & offline)
  • CPG
  • Small business
  • Financial services
  • B2B
  • Technology


  • Digital marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Customer experience
  • Omni-channel strategy
  • Customer acquisition
  • Customer retention
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engagement types


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what industry leaders are saying

Joel's story of how L’Oreal uses data, content, and digital technology to engage customers was incredibly valuable for Dreamforce attendees.

Christophe Eymery  |  Head of Digital and Media, L’Oreal ANZ



Popular Joel Book Keynotes

Learn about Joel Book's top three speaking topics below, or contact him to discuss a customized presentation topic based on your needs.

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When it comes to acquiring and retaining customers in today’s competitive marketplace, the margin for error is razor thin. Learn how smart brands use data-driven digital marketing to grow their business by personalizing the customer's total purchase and product usage experience.

Why your audience will love it:

  • How today’s customer makes buying decisions and what brands must do to engage the buyer at every stage of the Customer Experience Life Cycle
  • How successful brands use the "Triangle Offense of Digital Marketing" to acquire, grow and retain customers
  • 5 Success Factors and 5 Rules for making your brand a Digital Marketing Powerhouse

Bottom Line: These days, marketing is ALL about customer experience!



Today’s business buyers are savvy and smart, and successful B2B marketers are using digital marketing strategies—anchored by interactive websites, social media and personalized email—to generate high-quality leads, convert prospects to buyers, and drive repeat purchase.

Why your audience will love it:

  • Why successful B2B brands are spending 60% of their marketing budget on digital and which channels are performing best
  • Inside the successful digital marketing strategies of three B2B brands and what you can learn from what they are doing and how they are doing it
  • 5 Keys for building a B2B Digital Marketing Machine and using it as the backbone of your strategy to grow your business

Bottom Line: Successful B2B Marketing is all about the effective use of data, content and technology. 



Permission-based email is the #1 channel for customer engagement because it delivers the highest ROI of any online or offline channel. Learn how smart brands use email to deliver offers, information and customer service communications tailored to the needs, interests and behavior of the consumer.

Why your audience will love it:

  • Examples of effective email campaigns that engage consumers and deliver personalized content at each stage of the customer life cycle.
  • How to use customer data and predictive analytics to personalize email content based on the customer’s needs and intent.
  • Creative tips and techniques to optimize email click through and conversion and how to use email in combination with other channels to engage consumers

Bottom Line: Email is the single most important channel for effective 1:1 marketing.


Inspire Your Audience

Hiring the right speaker (or moderator) can make or break your event. Your audience deserves fresh content, real-world stories, and a captivating personality on stage. When you "Book Joel Book," you can rest assured your audience is in great hands.