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The energy Joel Book brings to the stage, combined with his extensive knowledge and experience in digital marketing, is second to none. His willingness to engage with the audience long after the presentation is remarkable and sets him apart from other speakers. If you want someone to really connect with your audience, Joel is the one.

Chester Bullock | Vice President, Solutions Consulting. Trendline Interactive




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Joel has been a main stage speaker at our semi-annual executive Email Insider Summits for many years.  Each time Joel spoke, we could always count on a high-level of professionalism not only from the content Joel delivered, but from his style and level of engagement with the audience.  Knowledgeable, organized, humorous and highly effective - these are the words that describe Joel Book.

Jon Whitfield | SVP, Chief Revenue Officer. MediaPost Communications





what industry leaders are saying

Many speakers provide high-level concepts and frameworks from an academic perspective, while others focus on simply entertaining. Joel has the ability to entertain with the best of them, but what truly differentiates him is his ability to shine the spotlight on concrete, real-world examples of digital marketing that teach, inspire and educate in a truly memorable way.

Tim Kopp | Partner, Hyde Park Venture Partners





what industry leaders are saying

Joel is one of the best speakers I have worked with or listened to. He is an expert on email marketing and as a keynote speaker at two different DMA events, Joel wowed the audience with his content and the case studies he presented. Very few speakers come as prepared and are as forthcoming as Joel Book.

Neil O’Keefe | SVP, Marketing and Content. The DMA





what industry leaders are saying

The reason Joel Book is a sought-after speaker and thought-leader on digital marketing is because he brings more than 40 years of experience in data-driven marketing to every speaking engagement. What makes him a powerful and popular speaker is his extensive knowledge of how brands are using data and digital technologies to transform marketing and deliver a personalized customer experience.

Alina Seger | Director, MC and RCG Field Executive Programs, Salesforce



what industry leaders are saying

Joel Book is one of the best speakers I've ever seen. His dynamic enthusiasm and smart insight make his presentations on digital marketing a slam dunk. His content is carefully researched and supported by the latest facts and statistics, and he knows how to keep the audience engaged and looking for more. There's never an empty seat when Joel is presenting!

Guilda Hilaire | Senior Product Manager, Marketing Technology, Aetna



what industry leaders are saying

Professional marketing speakers need to have not only the charisma to engage an audience, but the right blend of knowledge and expertise to help the audience understand how to use data, content and digital marketing technologies to deliver a great customer experience. When Joel is on stage, it’s like listening to a Digital Marketing Opera.

Altaf Shaikh | Founder & CEO, ListEngage Inc.